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The Company has been working for more than three decades of experience in the field of copper production and distribution in order to provide the best quality customer care plans, reasonable prices, and yet the most favorable conditions for our common and V.I.P. customers.

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Copper Scrap

Copper scrap is one of the most luxurious recycled materials besides gold. Scrap copper has numerous uses in homes since it is capable of conducting electricity. It is often used as an electrical and...

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Copper Cathode

Copper cathode is the primary raw material input for the production of copper rod for the wire and cable industry. Copper is also used in the production of brass,copper tube, copper sheet products, and found in over 450 alloys. Copper is found mainly in sulfide minerals and oxide minerals.

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Copper Wire Rod

A wide range of products has its starting point in a rod of copper, aluminium and relevant alloys. Rods are the raw material for electrical applications such as electrical cables (i.e. power transmission, building, control and instrumentation, data and communication, automotive etc.), contact wire, magnet wire, pins and connectors; mechanical applications such as welding wire, wire for meshes and fastener. Other applications are textile wire, wirefor food industry and jewellery.

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Alloyed Tube

Cupronickel and Admiral Brass are among the commonly used alloyed tubes, specially applicable in navy and petroleum industries.


Brass Tube

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, in proportions which can be varied to achieve varying mechanical and electrical properties. Both bronze and brass may include small proportions of a range of other elements including arsenic, lead, phosphorus, aluminium, manganese, and silicon. The distinction is largely historical. Modern practice in museums and archaeology increasingly avoids both terms for historical objects in favor of the all-embracing “copper alloy”.

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Copper Fittings

Copper is widely used and can withstand very high temperatures. It is always used for the final connections made to central heating boilers/furnaces where temperatures may exceed 100°C (212°F). The disadvantage of copper pipe (or “tube,” as it is known in the plumbing industry) is that it is rigid and either must be bent by using special tools or by using separate lengths of pipe and 45° or 90° joints.

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Copper Tubes

To satisfy the market demand, copper tubes are produced in three groups of TPC, DHP and DLP with following applications:

Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, Applicable to electrical industries specially cable shoe pipes
DHP, DLP: Good workability, drawability, weldability, corrosion and weathering resistancy, Good thermal conductivity Applicable to gas and heat exchanger industries